Hi!  I'm Rev. Nancy McMillan.  I'm a brand new homesteader, learning as I go.  Welcome to my little piece of the earth!

I'm the eldest of three children who lived in a quiet 1950's suburban community in Tonawanda, New York.  














When I was 15, our family moved to Framingham, Massachusetts.  The plant my father was working in closed and the company offered him a job so we moved.


One of the things I missed most about moving was leaving my best friend, Joanie.  You'll hear about her in my blogs.  Though time and distance has kept us from seeing each other very often, when we connect it's like we just saw each other yesterday.  Here was are on our first day of high school at Cardinal O'Hara
















The one good thing about living in Massachusetts was all the history.  I loved to read and I loved history. I wanted to be a teacher.


I took a number of different paths to where I am today.  In the 1980s and 90s, I ran my own company called KOTL Ventures.   I taught classes on all sorts of subjects including Egypt, Archeology, and Dinosaurs.  


In 1997 I became an ordained minister and opened the Tree of Life Center where I offered intuitive counseling, readings and holistic healings.  As I moved around Massachusetts, the name of the place has changed but the mission has remained the same.  Now we are called Guiding Spirit.


In 2004 I founded The Church of the Legacy and have been blessed with wonderful people in my congregation and officiated at so many blessed baptisms and weddings.


I settled in Marlborough, Massachusetts to be close to my parents and help them out as much as I can.  I bought my cottage and set out to make it a home.  My heart is still in Maine, Boothbay Harbor to be exact.  And someday I'll live there full time, for now it's just parttime.  But I'm very glad I can be here for my folks (and as they always have been, they are here for me) .  I called my little (and I do mean little) slice of land LITTLE Raven Farm - emphasis on the Little- because I decided to go back to when things might not have been easier, but they sure were simpler.


That's when I started looking into what it meant to live simply.  I started out by getting a rain barrel, added on a garden - veggies, herbs and flowers.  i'm learning canning and wonderful recipes to share with family and friends, as welll as wonderful recipes I try out on my family.



I've found I really love it all.  I'm obsessed with watching my garden grow and the birds nesting in the bird houses, the hummingbirds coming to the feeder.


I'm the proud mom of two four footed boys - Sammy and Griffy- and a feathered conure parrot named Griffy.  I'll be sharing our adventures.  They do the wackiest things. 


I hope you enjoy my website and enjoy going along with me on my journey.

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