What's In The Pot?


I've found I love cooking.  When it's just me and the dogs, I don't do much.  Throw a piece on a piece of meat, grill it up in a pan, then throw together a salad and some pasta and I'm good.  But I've discovered I really do like cooking now that I have a nice bigger kitchen with a long island for prep work,  I've also gotten hooked on the Pioneer Woman and Farmhouse Rules.  I love trying out the receipes and my parents and familyare usually my guinea pigs.



So easy to make.  Take a pie pan.  Drizzle it with olive oil.  Coat the pan. 


Cut the tops off heads of garlic.  Place bottom down in the pie pan.

But garlic bulbs in pan, bottom down. Drizzle more olive oil over the bulbs, sprinkle kosher salt and pepper on top. Cover with tin foil and cook in a 375 degree oven for 40-45 minutes. Cloves of garlic should be a bit mushy as I will push the cloves out from the bottom into my mashed potatoes which are currently boiling on the stove.

Italian Soup

Oh boy was this good!  I used the Stonewall Italian Soup Mix and added my own meatballs!  Very hardy.  More a stew really.  But oh, so good.

I'm Skewered

First Off:  I took this picture prior to washing it so it the skewers don't look like this.  It has terryaki sauce on it.  They are now gleaming clean.


Here's something I saw on either Pioneer Woman or Farmhouse Rules and decided to try it out at our Father's Day barbeque.  First I bought the skewers - a set of two was just $6.00 at Collections, Etc,.  Then I cut up sweet pepers - red, green yellow and orange - as well as red and white onions into wedges.  Alternated them sticking them on the skewer.  (Then I took them to my brother Steve's house where we were having the party).  There they were placed on the grill, terrryaki sauce was brushed on and they were roasted.   


To my surprise, they were the hit of the party and of my fourth of July barbeque at my house.  My father even asked me to order a set for him.  Promise, next time I'll take a picture of the deliciousness when it's on the skewer.  Have to get used to taking more pictures.  Did I tell you I have a new cell phone that can do that?

Maybe not a piemaker...

IMy first attempt at making an apple pie.  Verdict?  Delicious but way too much juice.  Need to cut way down on the liquid.  A little mushy but still good.

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