I'm A Witch, I Am

Okay, I don't look like this, although I wish I did.  Wish I could fly on a broomstick - it would sure make getting past traffic easier.  But I can't do that either.


I am, however, a witch.  You know not all witches live in Salem.  In fact, they could live right next door to you.  BUT know this - we're not evil.  We don't believe in the devil.  Although we do believe in karam - you know, "what goes around comes around".  Keeping that in mind, we, at least I, don't cast spells on people or turn them into toads, although there are a couple I would love to do that too.


I'm also not Wiccan.  I have nothing against Wiccans mind you.  It is a word that means "wise one".  But it is also used by mordern witches, a revival of the old ways in modern form.  I'm just a witch.  A hereditary witch.  This means I inherited it from my biological mother who inherited it from hers etc., etc.


I believe in living with the cycles of the earth, treating mother nature with kindness and respect, honoring her and following the Sabbats.  I use herbs (which I grown) for healing, creating lotions and salves to help people in my community. I do energy healing and reiki, charkra realignment, tarot and run readings.  I am also a psychic medium - yeah, I see and talk to ghosts.   And when my energy is really high I can do l some little bits of magic like move things and light candles.  Haven't turned anyone into a cat or a toad, but then why would I want to?  Believe when karma comes back and bites someone in the ass, it's better than any spell I could ever work.


So, see I may be a witch,, but I'm really a nice, down to earth, caring person who will help you if I can.



I  am an ordained minister of the Christian faith.  I'm sure you're asking.  How can that be?  A witch and a minister.  Yeah, I've heard it said "thou shan't suffer a witch to live"  In Exodus, the King James Bible, Leviticus to be exact.  The quote is actually "thou shall not suffer a sorceress to live".  If you want to be precise.  Sorceress, witch...potato, patato..


Rember the Bible imparts the beliefs of the people of the times.  We are much more savy and while there are people who still dear witches, most people know them as healing, loving, nature-loving people.  I have always believed in God.  I was brought up Catholic but left the church in my teens for a number of reasons, but mostly I didn't like men dictating to me what I was allowed to do and what I wasn't.  I have a mind of my own.  I didn't believe in alot of the church doctrine.  That didn't mean I didn't believe in God.


In 1997 I felt myself drawn to the ministry.  Another form of helping people. of being there for them in a more formal way.  I was ordained in 1997 in the Christian faith and soon founded first The Tree of Life Church, then The Church of The Legacy.  We do share the gospel readings in our church and we do have communion.  But we are focused on a person's spirituality more than any kind of doctrine at all. I support my church community in their personal and spiritual quests.  And we share a close community who support one another.


I minister to the community, visit hospitalized and home bound members, bring communion, speak with and comfort, officiate at weddings, funerals, baptisms, confirmations and communions.  It is a very filling and wonderful part of my life.


So, yes, you can be both.  Think about it.....one belief builds on the others and incorporates beautiful, fullfilled life.  Who could ask for anything more.


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