One of the nice things about living in Massachusetts is the history.  So many historical sites to visit and enjoy.  I'm a history nut. Always have been.  I devour everything about Ancient Egypt an Early American Heritage.  We have it all here: Boston, Concord, Lexington, Salem and Sudbury.  When I could walk well - i.e., without knee and back pain -I used to get paid to conduct tours in all these great places.  I also taught classes in both Egyptian and American history.  Don't get to these places anymore.  But one of them is close by - just down aways from my house.  The Wayside Inn.  I've been there to eat many times, wrote about the ghosts in one of my books, experienced two of the ghosts myself (another story for another time) and even stayed overnight.  For Christmas my bother, sister-in-law and niece gave my parents a gift card to the Inn.  I was lucy enough to be included in the dinner.










We had a large menu to choose from, but in the end we all went for the complete Old Fashioned Pot Roast dinner.  Mom and I had really thick clam choweder.  Yum!  I love it that way.  Dad had onion soup with cheese on top so thick he had to cut it with a knife.  We feasted on the pot roast, green beans or squash and delmonico potatoes.   Dessert came with it.  So it was two apple pies with vanilla ice cream and plain vanill aice cream with whipped cream for me.  We were SO full that we felt we were rolling out of the restaurant instead of walking.  But it was a great treat.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  Thank you Mike, Leslie and Kayla!


P.S. Pick of the folks is dark because of the ambient lighting in the Tap Room.  Gives you a real feel of how it was to dine way back when.


That's Entertainment



What do I do for entertainment...hmmm. Probably what you'd call the usual, hanging with friends and family, going to the movies, listening to music, watching TV or even more so, watching the dogs chase each other around the yard.  That always brings a smile to my face and make me laugh as I cheer them on.


My favorite place on earth to go, as everybody who know me is probably sick and tired of hearing about, is Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  My mom and I discovered this heaven on earth (at least in my opinion) back in 1994 and we've been going every year except one since then.  We're heading there again this fall - can't wait).  Here's a few pictures of my happy memories.


That's my best friend since babyhood, Joanie and her mother Joan with me outside the beautiful Ocean Point Inn where we stay when we visit in the fall.  It's actually in East Boothbay, up and down another peninsula from the harbor.    2nd pic - my mom, Joanie, Mrs. M, then my mom and me next to Ms. Piggy who is an icon on Route 27 in the Boothbay Region, the road heading into Boothbay Harbor.  She is dressed up for all occasions and weather.  Here she was ready for homecoming.  And, finally, on the sad ride home, a stop at Nubble Light in York, Maine.




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