I call my home Little Raven Farm.  Emphasis on the LITTLE.   Don't have much land.  But there's plenty of space for my gardens, my windmill, my table with its umbrella and chairs.  I think any space where you can grow alot of veggies, herbs and flowers can be called a farm of sorts, right?  So I'm sticking to it.


Initially when I moved here, I called this place "Hummingbird Cottage" because I do love hummingbirds and enjoy the two that come and feed every year.  I call them Hattie and Harry. (I know, too cute for words, right?)  Then I thought about Ravenwood.  But really my home definitely a cottage not a manor. 


A couple weeks ago my Mom solved the "problem" of naming the place.  Not that it really was one, but I thought a name was cute.  She found a sign at the restaurant at Pemaquuid Point, Maine that read "LIghthouse Cottage".  And that was it.  The sign is posted.  Thanks Mom!













The only change I made recently to the house is to Izzy's room.  I wrote elsewhere about my 14 year old cat Izzy.  She lived in her own room for the years since we moved here.  Her littlerbox, food, water and bed were in that room.  Initially she shared it with Belle who passed away two years ago.  Since then she'd been queen of that place.  I had a small gate up at the doorway so she could jump out and see out, but the dogs couldn't go in, bother her, eat her food (or even worse, because let's face it they DO do it, eat her poop.  Yeck!!!!!).  Suddenly one morning I couldn't find her.  I  honestly thought at her age, she had gone off to die.  She'd been healthy and eating, but she was of the age where it can happen.  Instead I found she had taken over my office as HER room.  That's fine.  The dogs don't bother her.  She sits on the back of the chair and can see outside and watch the birds.  I have to move the litter box every time I have a cleint.  But- hey, she's 14 years old.  She deserves to be where she wants.  Now, wait I'm not that unselfish.  I had plans for that room, plans I would implement when she was gone - not that I wanted it to happen any time soon.  Well, since she has changed locations, I went to work.  I still have some cleaning and painting to do.  But my meditation/guest room is looking pretty good.














 The other new addition is to be herb area where I create my healing lotions and "potions".  I found this sign and though it was perfect.





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