My Paw and Feather Family


The loves of my life have four feet and/or feathers.   


My Bichon Frise, Sammy, came into my life just about four years ago.  He's my buddy.  I'd never owned a dog before so it was a new and fun experience.  He goes with me everywhere he can, sleeps with me at night and lays under my chair when I'm working or typing, by my side when I'm holding counseling sessions or readings.  He doesn't come to church.  It's not that he's an athiest dog.  I honestly don't know what he believes.  He is just a fluffy smush, very laid back and I love him so much.





















His brother Griffy, who will be two in August is exactly the opposite.  He is a pip or pia.  He's the child your mother always hoped you'd have so you would learn how difficult YOU were to her.  He's full of energy.  He's pushy.  He rips up every piece of paper he can get his mouth on.  He barks like crazy at the littlest thing.  At the same time, he love to cuddle and snuggle.  Always by my side too.  He is also curled up under the desk.  Right now, as I type this, he is sharing an aeromatic fart.  Love you too, Griffy!





















Our last addition is Charlie who is just a year old.  He's a conure and quite comical.  He has learned an amazing amount of words.  He's in the dining room which is open to the living room, so he's always around all the action.  Luckily he hasn't picked up on any dirty words I might use - only now and then, of course, just under the most extreme circumstances (hee, hee).  My mother dared me to teach him something naughty, so he says "Holy shit" - remember, that's on you Mom!  He also says "Pretty bird, prett6y bird Charlie" - he's very hung up on himself.  "Night, night", "hey there dude" and "love you".  We'll see what else he comes up with.

















Sammy and Griffy are just like any other brothers.  Sometimes they scuffle and get on each other's nerves, other times they just igonore each other, and sometimes they actually play toghether.  Since the fence went up in the yard, the boys have alot more freedom and love to race up and down the length of the yard, up into the porch and out again.  Here's a picture I took Saturday.  Of course they both wanted the same toy.  Griffy always wants whatever Sammy has.  Sammy could care less what Griffy has unless it has to do with a chewy, then such whining and barking you've never heard!



Aftfer having a wonderful household full of cats over the many years, Izzy (Isabelle) is the last of the line.  She is now 14 years old.  She used to be a big fluffy cat that looked like a Maine Coon with a huge plumey tail.  But the years have taken their toll. She's now a slim old lady with short hair all over including her tail.  (Wish it worked that way with me - getting thinner that is - as I got older).  She's still a feisty old gir who had her own room and enjoyed the peace and quiet away from those "nasty" dogs.  But recently she changed her mind.  She decided to take over my office.  So her favorite place has become my favorite chair sleeping on a purple pillow as befits her status as dowager princess (I'M the queen).  The boys don't bother her.  I have to move her little box every time I have a client.  But for a sweeties who has given so much love it's worth it.

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