Shall we begin?

I've always loved to write. Wrote a couple of novels - which I never published-, lots of poems - many of which I've shared with family and friends. So now in addition to Facebook (I'll add a link). I thought I'd start sharing some of the happenings here at LITTLE Raven Farm, the church, the ghost hunters. Anything that might be of interest. Can't say I'll post every day but it could be.

Ever go to bed at night and having something forming in your mind that keeps you awake? An idea? A thought? A worry? That's been happening to me over the past few nights. I would be lying in bed formulating what I could possibly write in a blog. Eventually it puts me to sleep. Hopefully what I write won't do that to you.

Right now we've had alot of rain, so the gardens are growing like crazy. One of things I'll share is the progress (hopefully lots of it), the harvest, the cooking of the veggies and use of herbs and canning and of course the cooking with some recipes.

There are also the antics of my "kids", my own mishaps (of which there are many to laugh about to my own embarrassment) and successes.


These are my pumpkis after the rain. Yep, I know from the pictures the grass is as high as the plants. I'm almost afraid to go in there and pull for fear of pulling out flowers. I may just wait and see what happens.


Tomato plants. One plant already has yellow bugs on it. Come on tomatos!


The garden bed of squash, beans, peas, two types of letture, peppers, scallions and cucumbers a week ago.


The garden today! It's what happens to plants when it rains like crazy!


Sammy checks out our solar fountain.

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