Look out everybody on the road!

It's finally happened. My nephew James has his driver's license! He got it a week ago and is now driving himself to and from school. We knew it had to happen sometime. Now all the grandkids/niece and nephews are driving. Look out world...and where did all our babies go> It's a milestone, getting that license. It means a quasi independance - you can drive anywhere --- but you've got to tell your parents exactly where you're going and when you'll be back....which is as it should be when you're 16.

I barely remember back to when I got my license. I know I had to take the test twice. When I was trying to parallel park - yeah, like who the heck does that in country? - I didn't notice on old woman stepping off the curb as I was about to back in. I didn't hit her and braked in plenty of time. But I knew that little guffaw was going to cost me my chance at a license that day. So, being typically me, I asked the tester if I would have gotten more points if I HAD hit her. BIG RED X through my test that day. My mother, sitting in the back seat, almost had a heart attack. Oh, well, second time was the charm.

And there's the story that has haunted me throughout my lifetime, brought up at family gatherings The time when I had my first car - a Pinto, yes a Pinto - and I blindly backed up out of the driveway and....totaled the Volkswagon bug parked behind me. Luckliy it was one of my parents cars but still, what right did it have to be parked behind me in its own driveway?? I mean I had places to go! If you remember, those things were tanks! The Pinto - not the Volkswagon. Oh, I will never, ever live that down! But then again, I wasn't the only one who had a crash in the family Volkswagon. But nobody brings those other incidents up when we have family gatherings. Nope, only mine. Hopefully, prayfully there will never be a story like that for any our family drivers.

Safe driving James!


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