A Tale of Frozen Pipes

You know how I say I like going back to the simple life - making my own butter (a new adventure coming soon), my own dishwasher soap (just 1 tablespoon of borax to 1 tablespoon of baking soda). But last weekend I went back much too far to a time when there was no running water! I've decided I definitely don't like it.

First let me tell you that I did eveything I was supposed to do when they forecast temperatures below zero, lower temperatures than we had seen or felt in decades. I left a little water running in the sink in the kitchen and the bathroom overnight.

I woke up Sunday - no water. Nada. None. Zippo. Zero. Not only no water, but no flushing toilet either. EEEWWWWW! Just because the temperatures were at historic lows, did the pipes have to freeze? I mean, come on, REALLY!

I didn't panic, though I said a few choice words that I hope the bird, Charlie, didn't hear or he'll pick them up and repeat them. Then what to do? After church, I went out and bought 5 gallon jugs of water. I HOPED that would get me through.

The first two I dumped into the bowl of the toilet in the desperate hope that it would flush. AH, NO. I took a third gallon and dumped it into the toilet tank. THAT worked. Thank heavens. Okay.

Then I took inventory. No clothes washing. Great. Of course I'd let my laundry pile up until Sunday. I wondered if anyone would notice I was wearing my pajamas when I went out. Maybe if I bundled up really well folks would just think I was wearing a goofy pair of yoga pants. Wait...me and yoga? Those two things don't go together. How about me in a goofy pair of sweatpants. Yep that's me.

Oy, no shower. EEEEEWWWW! One day I could get away with. More than that I was going to have take refuge and a shower at my folks house. I couldn't stay there because of the animals. But I could shower. Except then I'd have to go out into the oh so very, very freezing cold weather to go home. I decided to just whine about it for the time being.

Animals had water. I had enough left to make certain they had that. I could even cook if I made something that needed a couple cups of water, So we wouldn't starve. It was just a darned inconvenience.

Monday came and went. Still no water. Now I was beginning to panic slightly. What if the pipes burst? I kept looking out the window, knowing if they did there would be water/ice everywhere. Luckily I saw nothing.

Tuesday we woke to the same - no water. I was beginning to get discouraged and thinking that I'd better bundle up and go out in my goofy SWEATPANTS to get more water. I had left the water on in the bathroom and the kitchen and my ears were wide open waiting, hoping to hear the blessed sound of it coming out of the taps.

I was in my recliner, the boys - Sammy and Griffy - asleep on my lap when all of a sudden, mid-morning they both jumped up and started barking their heads off. Now, these dogs, especially Griffy, will bark at everything or anything they perceive to be outside our house. People have a real nerve coming on or near our property, you know.

Over the cacophany of noise, I heard that sound. That wonder, wonderful sound of water pushing out the taps! I did a happy dance and gave thanks for that, the most beautiful sound I'd heard in at least several days!

The first thing I did? Flush the toilet. Just because I could. It brought back memories of the years I was a Girl Scout leader and went spring camping. We almost always went to Cedar Hills where we would sleep in platform tents and had to use outhouses. The first thing I did when I got home from one of those weekends, even before I took a shower, was flush the toilet. It was the sound that welcomed me back home. It felt that way again.

Next step, once I gave the water heater time to fill up again and heat, was a shower. It has never felt SO good.

At least I kept my sense of humor. Here's my favorite line: Remember when Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding at Cana? Well, this time He turned WHINE - get it - into water!

So while I like getting back to basics, I only want to go so far. I've faced it. I like doing things simply but I also have to have my convienences. Think I'll go flush the toilet again.

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