The Homemade Butter Experiment

I decided it was time to try and make homemade butter. It's probably cheaper to go to the store and buy it, but there is the sense of accomplishment when you make it yourself. In addition, I ended up with very nice soft hands.'

So, here's what I did:

FIRST STEP: Wash the churner with warm soapy water, then rinse completely and dry. Nothing worse than butter that tastes like soap! I have the organic heavy whipping cream. Now, the truth be told, the cream cost more than eight sticks of butter in the store. Nut it's the homemade part of it that matters. I also have butter paddles. Ready!

STEP TWO: The whipping cream has to be at room temperature. That takes at least two hours, though for me it was more like three. It's okay to start the churning process and if it doesn't start to thicken, set it aside for that third hour to warm up, but no longer. And then the churning starts. I now understand why homestead women had so many children - to help churn the butter. That's quite a workout. The directions said after 5-6 minutes it should start to thicken. After 10-12 minutes it should be really thick and then the churning should return to easy. This means that the butter and the buttermilk has separated.

STEP THREE: Separate the butter and buttermilk by carefully pouring the buttermilk into a glass. Left behind - butter! Almost there. It was suggested that I keep the buttermilk because it is great for baking. There's recipe for scones, which my Scot Dad loves, so maybe.

STEP FOUR: Rinse the butter. Here's where the soft hands come in. I needed to get every last bit of buttermilk out of the butter. So I put the butter into a bowl and poured cold water over it. Then, with CLEAN hands, I massaged the butter to finish the process. Then I repeated it. Ah, my hands are now soft as a baby's behind.

STEP FIVE: I wanted salted butter, so I put 1/4 teaspoon of kosher (or sea salt) into the butter and used the butter paddles to mix it in.

STEP SIX: I used the paddles to form it into a rectangle and put it into the butter dish, then into the refrigerator. Tasted it. It was REALLY good.

I have a nice sense of accomplishment. Fresh, organic, homemade butter. What a homestead woman I am! Now back to my cell phone and tablet!

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