Changes They Are A Comin'

The fall is finally upon us. It's my favorite time of year (Spring is second). I love the crisp coolness of the air, the beautiful colors of the season, the pumpkins. It's the only time I love the color orange. The only thing I don't like about it is what comes next. We don't speak of it here on the homestead. It's a four letter word.

The growing season wasn't all that good for us here. The weather was far too hot and little to no rain left us with sad pickings in the garden. What we did have were eaten by the critters. It happened to a lot of folks around us. There was so little rain that the poor critters were searching for water. What they found was the water content in the veggie plants and what little fruit did get produced. I do have several birdbaths and put out low bowls for the other critters but it wasn't enough. First time we've ever had this problem.

I'm sad for the critters and I'm sad for me because I had lofty plans of lots and lots of canning, loading up for...well, you know, the season of which we do not speak, the season which follows fall. I will still be making applesauce, garlic dill pickles, beans and sauce using the fresh veggies grown by an organic commercial farm a few miles away that managed to weather the drought.

I'm heading up to Ocean Point, Maine next weekend for my 22nd annual weekend with my Mom. But when I come back, the canning shall begin as will the posting of my success (hopefully) and failures (who me? fail? Ha!)

In the meantime we're making some changes. First we're changing the name of the farm from Little Raven Farm to Ravens Hollow Farm. It's still little but we like the name better. That meant, of course, I could keep busy redesigning the logo. (Wonder if this is really just an excuse to keep me busy and stop me from purging and throwing things out...hmmm) Here's a picture of the logo.

Simple, old-fashioned. I like it.

We're also going to start selling bottled herbs for healing, incense, and more. They will be available through the Mystic Raven Apothecary ( and the MRA Facebook shop. We're still working on creating them so they'll likely be available after I return from Ocean Point.

Stay tuned. Hope you're enjoying the coming of fall. I am!

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