A Grateful Heart

This is the day we stop to reflect on all of the things we have to be grateful for. I'm just like you. I get caught up in the craziness of my daily life, my work and my family. I often forget that I should be grateful for all I have, especially my family, every day, not just one in the year. There are days when I'm sitting on my porch, watching the birds in their houses and bird bath, the dogs chasing each other around, the veggies and herbs growing in my garden that I feel love, peace and gratefulness fill my heart. I have been blessed because I still have my parents, soon to be 88 years old (!), to share time with, talk with and laugh with.

But like many people I also have what I call my "pity days" when I think of everything I don't have, things that feel so unfair, things or people that broke my heart. Those thoughts make my heart feel heavy and sad, with no peace, just discontent.

I know I can't keep myself from going there from time to time. But I can keep keep myself from dwelling there. I like how it feels to feel blessed, happy and grateful. It's lighter and warmer.

So I'm going to continue to try to be grateful not just today but every day. It might be a challenge on some, but it's interesting how focusing on those things we do have to be grateful for can override the sad moments and fill the heart.

What do you have to be grateful for not just today, but every day?

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