Things I Do

From the way I write you would think that all I do is coook, garden, play with my animals.  Okay, that is alot of what I do.


But I'm also a minister, a counselor, a healer and a ghost hunter - yes I did say that.  The subject of these areas of my life are bound to come up in blogs etc.  Rather than writing paragraph upon paragraph about them, I decided to create a page for the links to the other things in my life.  I hope you'll stop by and visit them and if I can help in anyway, please don't hesitate to give me a call, come to an Insight Service at the church, call for a counseling or healing appointment or an investigation if you think your house is haunted. 

I am pastor of the Church of the Legacy.  We hold Insight Services on Sundays at 9AM.  I am available to officiate at weddings, baptisms, confirmations, and funerals, to bless homes, to visit the sick and comfort the dying.  Each week you can find a link to my Sunday sermon on the Church of the Legacy facebook account or visit our website:  The Church of The Legacy

At Guiding Spirit I offer intuitive counseling, energy healing, chakra realignment, dream interpreation, tarot readings, herbal remedies and much more.  For more information, please visit the website: Guiding Spirit.

I founded The Central Massachusetts Paranormal Society (CMPS) in 2004 to help people who believe their home or places of business are haunted.  Since then, I and my team have investigated over 100 cases.   If you're interested in the paranormal, in joining to become a member of our investigative team or would like an investigation, please visit our website at:

The Central Massachusetts Paranormal Society

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